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Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hairdressing N beauty and
delivering creativity, quality and consistency to every client.

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Welcome to FEMINA PLUS. “More than 23 legendary years of inspirational hairdressing n beauty n make up focused on you.”

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FEMINA PLUS is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hairdressing N beauty and delivering creativity, quality and consistency to every client.

brand philosophy

For more than 23 years, FEMINA PLUS has combined a reputation for quality with the pursuit of cutting-edge modernity. FEMINA PLUS emphasises education, product development and training, and values the importance of positioning the brand in the broader context of fashion and style.


FEMINA PLUS started of as ladies parlour in 16th August 1985 by Mrs Reena Malhotra who initiated this business from her small home along with one staff member. This took of as an hobby, got converted into a good source of income with the customer intensity grew each day passed by. On seeing this growth of this micro sized business her husband Mr Dinesh Malhotra ,having fifteen years of marketing experience, also stepped in to advance this business into next level and on 23rd August1995 , they opened a new venture in a busy market location having all latest technologies and services. Business has expanded at a good pace increasing from one employee to forty, who now serve up to 100 customers per day.

Their son Mr Rachit Malhotra also stepping into this family business after completing his training in hair styling from Pivot point in New Delhi and A Cut above Cut in malaysia. His entry in a young age of 20 in 2004 was the crucial thing happened to this business as he brought generation X aspect into business with his qualification in hairdressing being modern. A passionate man working 84hrs a week, besides this he very well associated himself with his age groups which are the most potential customers among all age segments. Advancing in his approach FEMINA PLUS also launched body spa by the name Spa Cafe



We design and create the perfect look in accordance to your style,
requirements and occasion. We offer luxury makeup services for –

Bridal makeup

Pre-Bridal party Makeup

Party Makeup

Fashion shoot makeup

Runway fashion makeup

24/7 Support


Our team of experts have learnt from the best, to deliver the best. We keep pace with the evolving trends
around the globe and customize styles for our clients. We provide hair services such as:

Bridal Hairstyling

Pre-Bridal party Hairstyling

Party Hairstyling

Fashion shoot Hairstyling

Runway fashion Hairstyling

24/7 Support

Style counselling
grooming Services

Rachit & Lavanya Makeovers believe in providing holistic style services to its clients. We not only create perfect makeup and hair looks for you, but also provide style counselling, self-grooming tips and makeup and hair tips and tricks in accordance to your personal style and needs. Enroll for our one-on –one grooming session and go back with a refreshed new style!   


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